Tile Cleaning The Best Yet Simple Way

Every home or business owner know that regular swabbing using tile cleaners normally would not work; in particular when you are trying to remove a stubborn stain either on the tile or deep within the grout lines. The few tile cleaning remedies have proven to be quite tricky for many people. Thanks to green cleaning guidelines, you can now wave goodbye to stained floors and embrace the fact that you can do the cleaning yourself with easy-to-get materials. Tile cleaning the green way is certainly the best way that gives effective results without breaking much sweat.

The first thing to do when you are cleaning tile floors is to clear debris including dirt from the surface. Sweep the place while moving all the dirt into a single pile and then remove. After that, vacuum the baseboards to remove any dirt build up, and lastly vacuum the surface floor of the tile by setting it to its lowest setting. This will ensure that the floor is clear, and the cleaner doesn't mix with dirt.

Once the floor is clear from dirt, you are good to go. Mix equal ratios of vinegar and water in a trough/ bucket - ensure that the water is extremely hot! Fill another trough with water which will be used to rinse the floor. When this is done, dip and wring your mop as much as possible till no 'vinegar-water' drips from it. This should be close to damp instead of wet. Use the mop to wipe the floor from up then down, side by side, so as to effectively clean the tiles, not forgetting grouts which are difficult places to reach or even notice when they get dirty. Lastly, rinse the floor using clean water and ascertain that you strongly wring out the mop so as to 'dry-wipe' the floor, allowing the cleaning to dry well before walking over the squeaky tiles.