Couch cleaning

Couches are made of different materials such as cotton and leather. Some of these materials are difficult to clean using the common house hold cleaners. Getting a professional to do the work may also seem to be costly due to their unfriendly prices.

However with the use of dry cleaners among other cleansers, you can now clean your couch without relying on any body. To clean a couch made of cotton, you will need a vacuum with upholstery brush attachment, dry cleaning solvent, paper towel, cleaning clothes, steam vacuum with an upholstery nozzle, water and leather cleaner if it's a leather couch.
You first brush off any dirt from your couch with a bristle brush. Put more attention on the dirtiest areas such as the armrest and headrest. Use the vacuum and an upholstery brush attachment to remove debris such as dust.
Add upholstery detergent and water to the clean solution tank of the steam vacuum. You can use a small amount of the solution and the paper towel to check whether the dye of the fabric is coming off. Attach the upholstery nozzle to the tank, and then push it against the fabric while pulling the solution trigger. Crisscross the nozzle strokes over the fabric in a basket- weaving pattern especially to extremely dirty areas. After removing all the dirt, now run the nozzle without pressing the trigger to remove the wet detergent.
Touch the dry cleaning solvent to the upholstery with a cloth and use it to remove stains and dirt. There after, remove the dry cleaning solvent from the couch by pressing a clean wet cloth. Make sure that when using this detergent, your room is well ventilated.
Cleaning leather couch is a little simpler because of the fabric used. It only requires distilled water and leather cleaner. A leather couch can be cleaned using a cleaning cloth.