Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet Doctor uses Truck mounted cleaning units to provide our customers with the deepest of hot water extraction cleans. When you hire us to clean your carpet we will use poweful equipment that will clean your carpet with 200 degree water killing bacteria on contact. We use family safe chemicals that will break down dirt allowing our cleaning system to rinse away the dirt and grime that make your carpet unsightly. We are experts in stain removal and any stains that remain after the initial cleaning will be treated with the appropriate chemicals and then removed during the final rinse.

Deep clean is always included when you hire us to clean your carpet, after all a carpet is not clean unless it is deep cleaned. We have all the equipment that may be needed for any situation, from rotary cleaning tools to pile lifting scrubbers we have it all and we will use the appropriate tools needed for each job.

Most carpets we clean will dry in 4 to 6 hours and can be walked on right after we have completed the cleaning, as long as the feet walking on the carpet are nice and clean. Our goal is to amaze you with our cleaning ability, we have spent many years perfecting our cleaning techniques and we guarantee you will love the job.

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